Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

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Exciting games of Chinese checkers, in multiplayer mode.

If you like games that test your wits, skill and strategy, don't lose sight of this Chinese Checkers Multiplayer, an online multiplayer computer version of the classic and challenging game of Chinese checkers.

Multiplayer Chinese Checkers presents a hexagram-shaped board, wherein each of the points of the 6-pointed star is the base of a player. Each player has 10 tokens, and the target will be to move around the board, to conquer the other players' bases. But remember, the pieces can only move to adjacent cells that are empty, or jump over rival pieces.

Multiplayer Chinese Checkers allow you to play 2-6 players simultaneously, but also has the ability to fill the quota of players with CPU-controlled bots. Will you be able to defeat all your opponents and be the first to conquer a rival base?


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